Pulse Oximeter – Use and working

Pulse Oximeter – Use and working

Welcome to our Page! You will be experiencing an overview of the latest Pulse Oximeter in details in our page with all the general and technical specifications of the product along with its price in Amazon, Ind.

Do you know what a Pulse Oximeter is? If you are a person with a medical background, then you would definitely know the importance of this product in these difficult times of crisis due to COVID 19.

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What is a Pulse Oximeter?

It’s basically a medical device that is used to measure the count of oxygen level in human blood. This device gives us the appropriation of the level of oxygen we are taking in from air that gets into the blood through our lungs. One can easily use it by clipping onto their fingertip and thus, it will display both the saturation level of oxygen and the percentage of red blood vessels carrying oxygen and pulse rate at the same time.

The normal oxygen saturation range is 95-100%. This device plays the role of an essential for patients diagnosed with pre-existing lung conditions or patients who need supplemental oxygen regularly.

How does an Oximeter work?

An oximeter when clipped around your finger tip, ear lobes or toes will send visible light (Red light – 650 nm approx) and IR (~950 nm) signals from one end to the other with your body part in between. Depending on how the absorption of these electromagnetic signal by the oxygenated and deoxygenated blood happens and the ratio of these absorbed signals, the percentage of oxygen in your blood is determined.

Although it cannot be considered morally correct to hype the price of the product compared to the pre-covid time, but compromising on the quality of the product is not at all suggested. Based on Amazon customer review, we have shortlisted one such product which provides correct readings. At the same time it needs to be noted that there are certain procedures and precautions that needs to be followed while taking the reading. As per the U.S food and drug administration, the following should be noted:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use.
  • When placing the oximeter on your finger, make sure your hand is warm, relaxed, and held below the level of the heart. Remove any fingernail polish on that finger.
  • Sit still and do not move the part of your body where the pulse oximeter is located.
  • Wait a few seconds until the reading stops changing and displays one steady number.

As now we have an idea about what a pulse oximeter is, let us discuss about the Hesley Pulse Oximeter.


M.R.P.:₹ 4,999.00
Deal Price at Amazon:₹ 4,099.00
You Save:₹ 900.00 (18%)
Inclusive of all taxes

Key Specifications:

Date of Release19th August, 2020
Market StatusLaunched
Official WebsiteHesley
Type of DisplayOLED
Dual Direction DisplayYes
Blood Oxygen Saturation Level (SpO2)Yes
Pulse Rate Measurement Range25-250BPM
Product NameHesley Pulse Oximeter
TypeFingertip Pulse Oximeter

A brief description about the latest Helsey Pulse Oximeter:

This latest Helsey Pulse Oximeter is a very small and lightweight device, used to check the count of oxygen carried in our body. It’s basically a noninvasive tool which you can attach easily onto your fingertip in order to check the oxygen level and pulse rate of your body.  As soon as the assessment is finished by this oximeter, the percentage of oxygen level in your body is being displayed on the LCD screen. The SpO2 reading on the LCD screen is the estimation of the level of oxygen in your blood.

This pulse oximeter gives highly accurate estimation of both oxygen saturation levels in our blood and the pulse readings at the same time. This specially designed latest Helsey Pulse Oximeter is ideal for both medical as well as home usage. Athletes and Sports Professionals also use this pulse oximeter to monitor their pulse and SpO2 levels.  The normal SpO2 reading shows 95% of oxygen saturation levels in our blood or above.  However, if it shows a reading of either 92% or less, then it denotes poor oxygen saturation levels in our blood. Thus, poor saturation levels of oxygen in our blood is the indication of worse health conditions like chest pain, increased heart rate or shortness of breath.  

The Pulse Rate Resolution of this latest Helsey Pulse Oximeter is 1 BPM and its Pulse Rate Measurement Range is 25-250 BPM. This latest Helsey Pulse Oximeter is very easy to carry with you if you are on the move. This pulse oximeter has two batteries and they work for longer hours.

Then what are you waiting for???

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  1. Pinzira

    This HELSEY PULSE OXIMETER product likely saved my life. Firstly, I apologize for the lousy photos, it was the middle of the night and I was initially using the photos for my own documentation at the time. After a routine check up with my doctor, my SpO2/Bpm was noted to be low enough to suggest that I should start monitoring my levels at home so I bought this meter based on the positive reviews, affordability, manageable bad reviews (can take a while to detect a heart rate, but I could live with that for the cost) and the bright purple color option, but I had no idea just how useful this little gadget was going to be in my life. It was very easy to use right out of the packaging, straight forward to use – just click the button on put snugly on finger- exactly like any other pulse oximeter I’ve used, and it has worked very well over these past few months. I initially had my spouse use it after the first several days to verify It’s accuracy, especially if my numbers seemed off, since some of the negative reviews made me wary. It hasn’t given him any strange readings yet and detects his heart rate very quickly but his fingers are much thicker compared to mine.

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