Massage Chairs in India | 2021 – Top 3

Massage Chairs in India | 2021 – Top 3

Hi there! Welcome to the page of Best Massage Chairs in India in 2021 where you will be experiencing the overall buyer’s guide and analysis on Top 3 Massage Chairs in India in 2021.

Although massage chairs fall under the category of luxury items, they can actually make you feel rejuvenated and act as your best bet in order to make you release all your stress after your frantic schedule at work. You can actually let all your stress out and experience a true satisfaction and comfort when you get a full body massage, that too at the comfort of your home.

Many of us seldom visits massage parlours or spa, may be once in a two months, which actually can be a very expensive as well as a time consuming affair at the same time. However, this massage chair can be a one-time investment for you that can give you benefits for long and long, as these chairs are very handy. Thus, after a vigorous test and significant research, we have come up to you with Top 3 Massage Chairs in India in 2021, that will provide you with all the details necessary for buying the same. Now you can easily select any one of these Top 3 Massage Chairs in India in 2021, from the detailed descriptions of each given below:

Top 3 Massage Chairs in India in 2021:

  1. INDO BEST Bodyfriend Phantom Massage Chair / Massage Chair 4D Heating & Rocking Massage Chair / 1 Year Warranty / Air Purifying System / 76 Air Bags & Zero Gravity System / On-site Warranty
massage chair in India

Material: Leather                                                              

Furniture Finish: Leather

Colour: Brown

Product Dimensions: 190*82*127 cms

Product Weight: 80 kgs


Manufacturer: BODYFRIEND

Product Model Number: BFK-8100


Country of Origin: Republic of Korea

Price: MRP Rs. 3,50,000.00

Discounted Price on Amazon: Rs. 3,10,000.00

Total discount availed: Rs. 40,000 (11%)

Product Description:

The INDO BEST Bodyfriend Phantom Massage Chair, which is, one of the best massage chairs from the list of Top 3 Massage Chairs in India in 2021, comes with an easy design with easy operation. This comfy chair comes with an amazing control panel operating system which can be controlled and operated by anyone easily. It comes with a multi-angle integrated system of massage for both the backs and the buttocks with a pioneering L-shaped rail. The new pioneering curved rail is built in that way that it can provide maximum synchronization of both the backs and the buttocks properly at the same time. Moreover, this pioneer massage chair comes with a heating roller for back massage and a perfect massage. It also provides you the traditional massage based on traditional principles of Chinese Medicines.

Warranty: On-site Warranty (Up to 1 year)

Customer Care: 1800-270-4545

2. Lixo Massage Chair – LI6001B, New Premium Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair  for Stress-relief, Omnidirectional Stretch, Space Saving Technology, Foot Roller, Bluetooth Speaker, Mobile App

massage chair in India

Brand Name: Lixo

Item Dimensions: 155*85*120 cms

Item Weight: 152 kgs

Colour: Brown

Manufacturer: Lixo

Product Model Number: LI6001B


Country of Origin: India

Price: MRP Rs. 4,40,000.00

Discounted Price at Amazon: Rs. 3,30,000.00

Total Discount Availed: Rs. 1,10,000.00 (25%)

Product Description:

This Lixo Massage Chair, which is one of the Top 3 Massage Chairs in India in 2021, is so comfortable and lavish that it has an automatic massage chair recliner which is very unique. This automatic massage recliner comes with the best technological advancements for home in order to provide full comfy to whole body.

Some of the salient features of this comfy massage chair include the 3D movement, Three-Dimensional in-depth Pressing, Human-hand feeling, Tapping, Shiatsu, Kneading, Air pressure massage, Combination massage and Reflexology. 

You can now experience stress-relieving divine full body massage after a hectic day at work. This comfy chair has perfect stretch features, especially omnidirectional stretch features which are very useful for pain relief unlike other massage chairs in the entire world.

 Moreover, this comfy chair comes with premium zero gravity and is equipped with different kinds of massages. It can automatically detect position of height. It comes with different modes and every mode has different features adjusted and designed for different requirements like, Queen Slimming, Boss Nursing, Elite Care, sports Refresh, Soul Spa, Working Relief, Extension, Neck & shoulder, Rest & Sleep, Deep Shaitsu Massage, Waist & Spine, Massage Extend, Healthy Breath, Part-3D massage part (Point, Partial and Whole massage) and Force-3D protruding intensity.

This comfy chair is given the shape of an L-shaped design which easily provides human touch and automatic massage, starting from the neck to the toe. The chair heats up to make you feel warmth and reduce all your stress.

It comes with a built-in Bluetooth Speakers that can allow you to experience amazing music and listen to surround stereo sounds just like waves of streaming audios.

The Slide structure design of this chair allows it to rest close to walls and helps in saving at least 20% of the overall space taken. This is an amazing experience beyond dimensions.

It comes with an automatic as well as manual shoulder position adjusting option, automatic as well as manual adjustment of recline and back incline, and retract and footrest extend.

Some of the other salient features of this comfy chair include Back Massage WIDTH (Wide, Medium & Narrow), Automatic & Manual Adjustment of Back Massage PART (Whole, Partial and point massage), Massage Speed (1 to 6 massage intensity), Automatic & Manual adjustment of Foot roller speed with level 1 to 3 and a Cutting edge technology of OPTO sensor in order to detect your shoulder accurately.


  1. 5 years on-site doorstep warranty (3 yrs on-site warranty and 2 yrs on-site extended free warranty) for personal use only.
  2. 1 year on-site doorstep warranty for commercial use. (Highest warranty unlike any other massage chairs in India).

AMC: Available

Headrest: Detachable Headrest

Cushion: Back and seat cushion

Material: Removable hand Polycotton Fabric (Skin Friendly) material for easy wash

App availability: Lixo Mobile App to handle all operations and functionalities.

3. Robo Touch Maxima Luxury Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

massage chair in India

Colour: Black, Brown & Red

Brand Name: Robo Touch

Product Dimensions: 185*75*78 cms (L*B*H)

Style: Classic

Product Weight:  100 kgs

Frame Material: Iron

Back Style: Solid Black

Seat Height: 78 cms

Price: MRP Rs. 3,40,000.00

Discounted Price at Amazon: Rs. 1,60,000.00

Total discount availed: Rs. 1,80,000.00 (53%)

Coupon Applied Facility: Yes (Rs. 8000 coupon can be applied here)

Product Description:

This comfy massage chair, which falls under the category of Top 3 Massage Chairs in India in 2021, comes with a set of vertically movable and four wheel driven massage hands that are designed with emulation methods of massage involving shiatsu kneading.

Moreover, this comfy massage chair has auto-massage function system with unique salient features like knocking, flapping and simultaneous flapping and kneading set with exact location and shoulder automation detection.

This comfy chair is one of the best ache-improving comfy chairs in India which will provide you ache-improving comfort at ease. It improves body aches with fast improving experience massage highlighting the body parts especially the upper body and the lower body. It comes with six kinds of automatic sets with memory set on function M1 and M2.

It provides manual massage for upper body including three options, fixed massage, partial massage and overall massage with five levels of speed adjusted according to shiatsu, knocking and flapping. The gap between two kneading balls can be adjusted easily with the three levels.

Warranty: One Year National on-site Robo Touch Warranty (with free demo and installation).

Are you ready to gift yourself or your loved ones with an ultimate and a pro, pain and stress relief experience after a hectic day at work? Do you wanna get your full body massage just sitting at the comfort of your home, without even spending much every month but just an investment for the first and foremost time??? Then one of the above listed Top 3 Massage Chairs in India in 2021 is definitely gonna be your piece of cake. Then why wait anymore??? Just go and grab any one of them now from the links provided above with each of the products and buy at a much discounted rate at Amazon. Hurry Up now!!!

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